Sunday, 4 March 2018

2017 January Round Up

Yearly Round Up!

So it is in fact the start of March– but I’m just getting around to writing my yearly crafty wrap up post.

I didn’t really meet many of my goals. My stash is bigger then when I started the year and I didn’t do as much weaving or spinning as I wanted to. That’s fine – sometimes these goals are meant to be aspirational.

2017 did consist of 24 pairs of socks!

I think my most favourite are the first pair I made this year in Stylecraft’s Head Over Heels. My Advent TryAngles Socks are a close second.

Shawls? I made a few of those too. 7 in fact.

Waiting for Rain is my fave – closely followed by Belle Filles; because it used my hand spun!

Hats! 4 of those. Now I have longer hair I feel I can wear more hats – without looking like someone who has unfortunately lost it all.

The “other” has also been a bit varied this year – 2 pairs of fingerless gloves and a pair of thrummed slippers which were all interesting knits indeed.

I also started my scrap yarn blanket and knitted 132 squares.

In 2017 I used 13,752 meters in 40 projects

In comparison
2017 was 19,586 meters in 41 projects
2015 was 22,752 meters in 42 projects
2014 was 11,464 meters in 33 projects
2013 was 12,732 meters in 25 projects

I ended the year with 92944.6 meters in Stash. Eep!

Goals for 2018 are pretty simple.

Cold-ish Sheep. First aim is to get to Wonderwool at the end of April without purchasing. Between now and then I’m going to have a think about what I actually want or need. There will (most likely) be yarn – but maybe rather than yarn I should think about what equipment I have and want to upgrade.

12 pairs of socks – work down that sock yarn stash as it provides a huge chunk of my yarn. Plus I wear my hand knit socks every day.

Make at least 1 thing with yarn from Wonderwool 2017 and one thing with yarn from Yarndale 2017 – That shouldn’t be too hard!

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Crafty Little Rat - Episode 19

Show Notes

FO Frenzy

Advent Calendar Shawl              

Rosie’s Moments Advent Calendar kit – A Shawl for Jos – Rosemary Davis – 3.5mm needle

Lights Camera Action Socks

Plain Sock, 64 stitch. V shaped Heel. Cascade Yarns Heritage Prints – 26 Holidays 2.26mm needles

Tiger Socks

Plain Sock, 64 Stitch, V shaped Heel. Dusted Dreams – Firestorm. 2.25mm needles

Fox Point – Laura Aylor
Knoll Yarns Kilcarra Tweed – Raphoe, Muff and Gara. 4,5mm needle

Brioche Practice Piece

4.5 mm needle – Gara and Raphoe – Very Pink Knits tutorial

New Year New Socks

Stylecraft Head over heels – 3101 Fuji . 2.25mm needles, 64 stitch sock, Rounder Heel.

Waiting for Rainbows Syliva McFadden
Owl about Yarn – Sparkle Owl, Aberavon Harbour
175g  4.0mm needle

You're Still working on that

Hermionie’s Every Day Socks – Erica Lueder
Rico Design Superba Cotton Stretch – 005. 72 Stitches

Scrappy Blanket 2017 = Knitted Patchwork Recipie by Martine Ellis

Ramble – Andrea Mowry
Cornish Tin II

Thursday, 12 January 2017

2016 Round Up!

So a bit late, but better late then never for a round up!

2016 has been a year; there's been a few diamonds in the rough and a few wonderful people who've gotten me through but overall wowza, what a year.

Yarn Craft wise,I've used  19,586 Meters in 41 Projects

For comparison

2015 was 22,752 meters in 42 projects
2014 was 11,464 meters in 33 projects
2013 was 12,732 meters in 25 projects

This year that breaks down as

4 Hats,
17 Pairs of Socks,
14 Shawls and a scarf
4 Blankets
1 Pair of Mittens,

I also managed most of a Cardigan. I ended the year with 2 fronts, a back and 1 finished sleeve. It will get finished (at some point) in 2017; and I'll count the yardage for 2017.


Konglelua - the second hat on the top row has been my go to hat all of this year. Pretty, soft and warm! The blueberry Waffles hat from Daughter of a Shepherd - bottom right has has some great wear too!


This year I really changed up how I do socks. I started doing a longer ribbing, 20 rows, where as before I'd do maybe 5 or 6 tops. I still am not overly in love with doing ribbing, but the fit it gives to my socks is so much better; it is actually worth it. In March I switched to doing my socks on 2.25mm needles instead of 2.5, which has made an incredible difference to the fit of my socks.


Lots of lovely shawls this year and a lot of lovely Indie Dyed Yarns - In fact the only 2 commercial ones are the Debbie Bliss Loli, the woven shawl and the Grimes shawl!

Blankets and Mittens

This was certainly the year of blankets, 3 baby blankets for 3 delightful little ones and an adult sized blanket for me! Its wise here to notice that all 4 are crocheted; I love the way crochet works up for blankets, the textures and the quickness of working up really speak to me!

Thrummed mittens were for Kirstie's Birthday - they were so warm and I can't wait to make myself a pair at some point.

Going into 2017 the stash stands at a whopping 83,787.5 meters. That's 52 miles, or from my house to Swindon! I'd better get knitting!

I'm really hoping to end 2017 with less yarn in the stash then that!

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Thinking about 2017 goals!

I'm currently laid up with what we think is Slapped Cheek. Slapped cheek is a thing that kids get, and my bosses daughter had a case. When it affects adults it shows up as joint pain and swelling and flu like symptoms. Ouch. As a result I can't do much knitting or spinning or crochet.

What else can I do but have a think about what my goals for 2017 should be?

My goals for 2016 were fairly simple
  1. 80/20 Yarn used to yarn bought ratio (We’ll see how this goes!)
  2. Finish using 2015’s Wonderwool yarn before 2016’s WW
    (Faberge, Sunny Days Shawlette, Pink Topaz) 
  3. 12 pairs of Socks in 2016

 So I managed 2 and 3, and the less said about goal 1 the better I suppose. I must have added at least 100 skeins or balls of yarn to the stash this year. To be fair, I did go to Canada (where I bought lots of yarn) and have a fortuitous year with Wonderwool this year. By comparison, I've used up around 60; which really is no mean feat.

Proposed Goals!*

1) Yarn Management! I'm still thinking I need something with stash management. Maybe I should try and reverse the ratios! 200g out for every 100g in!

2) Spinning! I'd like to spin at least 6 braids/quantities of fibre next year. That gives me 2 months per braid so should be doable.

3) Weaving I'd like to weave at least 4 things - One a quarter shouldn't be too hard. Even if it is just scrap yarn blankets for the animals at the shelter.

4) SOCKS 12 pairs of socks - this has become a non negotiable part of my knitting life. I'm mostly selfish; and I bet at least 8 pairs will be for me. No apologies, sock yarn is AMAZING and hand knitted socks are

5) 4ply Scrap Management - So I have my Zoom Loom Blanket I'm in two minds as to if I just want to finish this damn thing already *or* if I want to keep going for next year. I really want to start a cozy memories blanket. Part of me is very tempted to just finish the Zoom Loom blanket before 2017 and devote 2017 to a cozy memories. Let me know what you think!

* Goals may be suitable to change at 0 notice. I'd like to revisit this post before the new year starts and see what's changed, or if any of the goals still appeal to me or not. In 2017 I'll probably check in once a quarter.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Crafty Little Rat Podcast - Episode 17!

Look Ma! Shownotes.

This week, just to be extra blooming fancy you get a photograph in the middle AND some at the end, with music and transitions! Maybe don't get too used to it, I'm still a bit of a rubbish podcaster!

FO Frenzy

1) Flight Of The Owl Shawl - Heather Anderson

Midwinter Yarns - Lithuanian Linen in Mouse 155g 762 yards

3.0mm needles

Previously shown on the podcast but not when it was blocked.

2) Lightning Strike Hat - Mina Philipp

Stylecraft Swift Knit Tweed 3114 Orkney. 180g 112 yards

9.0mm needles

3) Rhys' House Socks - Own Pattern.

Stylecraft Special Effects 1802 Foxtrot 90g 269 yards. 3.0mm needles

4) Lolli Shawl - Own Pattern

Conway + Bliss Lolli 61010 Slush - 150g 360 yards. 5.0mm needles

5) African Flower Blanket - Own/Heidi Bears/ Cyprus Textiles (half hexi)

Stylecraft Special DK - Duckegg 700g

50g of Grass, Pistachio, Mustard, Cypress, Lobelia, Kelly Green, Fuscia, Boysenberry, Empire and Tomato.

5.0mm Hook - 3863 yards in total!

You're still working on that?

1) Linus on the Line - Midwinter Yarns 4.0mm needle

Ullcentrum 2ply Sport. 1 skein Sky Pink, 1 skein Sky Turquoise

2) Aisling - Justyna Lorkowska 3.5mm needle

Ocean Park Yarns Classic Sock - Neon Splattered

RainCity Knits Super Sock - Bright Aqua

In A Spin

Finished! Milk Protein Fibre. 50g, 181 meters.

Current spin "Wool" fibre

Ooh Shiney!

"Wool" and 2 new bobbins.

Woolcraft Superwash Sock - colourway 46

Manos Del Uruguay Alegria colourway Atlantica

Yan Tan Tethera Peddero Twist Colourway Winter Beach

Other things mentioned!

St Fagans

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Crafty Little Rat Episode 15!

I may update this with show notes at some point. we can but live in hope! Everything can be found through my Ravelry page though (CraftyLittleRat)

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Crafty Little Rat Podcast - Episode 12

Some minor technical difficulties this week - but I do like the new recording software better! I'll try and make it so I fill the whole screen next week!

The audio sequencing is out too. Sorry :(

You’re Still Working on That

Drops Paris - Aran Weight Yarn 100% cotton. 4.0mm hook

12 - Red
13 – Orange
14- Strong Yellow
11 – Opal Green
10 - Dark Turquoise
09 – Strong Blue
08 – Dark Purple

Stylecraft Special DK – 100% Acrylic

Lobelia - 1825
Boysenberry - 1828
Grass - 1821
Tomato - 1723
Pistachio - 1822
Mustard – 1823
Duck Egg - 1820
Cypress – 1824
Fuscia - 1827
Kelly Green – 1826
Empire – 1829

Zoom Loom Squares 2016 - Assorted yarns

Dr Who Socks

Knit Picks Felici - Time Traveller. 64 stitch sock; own pattern 2.25mm Knit Pro Zing

FO Frenzy

Linen Diamonds

Lithuanian Linen – Midwinter Yarns 100% Linen. 450 m to 100g.

3.0 mm needles – Colourway is 915 Claret
No Pattern – Self designed shawl. Top down, triangular.
 I used 86g or 387m 423yards

Miju Wools Hand dyed – Summer Meadow. 3.0mm hook
Tunisian Wingspan- Amy Depew
West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply - Country Birds - 864 Wood Pigeon
87g - 348 Meters (380 yards)
5.0mm Tunisian Crochet Hook; Knit Pro.
Daughter of a Shephered Hebridean 23rd July 2015 Clip.
44g - 102m (112 yards)
4.0mm needle
Ashford 16 inch Ridgid Heddle Loom. 7.5 dent Heddle.
Kirkton House Craft Magic Baby DK (Weft)
Stylecraft Special DK (Warp)
In a Spin
Porpoise Fur - Corridale  in Golden Mean. Aim is to ply as a 2 ply. 1st Bobbin complete.

Oooh Shiny!

 Candy Speckles and The Joker - Hand Dyed at Miju Wools 1st Saturday of the Month Dye session.

West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply Cocktails Range - Blue Lagoon and Rum Paradise

Blacker Yarns - Cornish Tin DK Botallack Blue

James C Brett Marble Chunky - MC61

Truly Hooked Monty Python themed Box - The Bright Side of Life, sock yarn.

Drops Heart You 5 - 124 (lime) 112 (grey) 126 (dark Green) and 119 (Teal)