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March Goals

  I’ve been trying to write a recap of 2020 crafting for the last two months. It’s very odd that I’ve been stopping myself from writing other posts because I “must” recap what has honestly been one of the weirdest years in history. Not that my craft has been weird of course, but small acts like photographing everything felt overwhelming at times last year and I’m taking it as a personal success that at least things are recorded on Ravelry.   So I’m going to try a more regular check in, I’m currently working on a variety of WIPs and I’d love to aim for at least a monthly update on where they stand and new cast ons or ideas.   Current WIPS   Shine Shawl:   This is being worked in some yarn my parents bought for me as a Christmas present from their trip to Scotland in the few non-lockdown weeks we had last summer. They picked out 3 colours for me a lovely tomato red, a deep sandy yellow and a rich chocolate brown. They’re tweedy and they have occasional pops of the other c
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Welcome back!

 It's been a good few years since I wrote here on this blog. Throughout 2020 I've had thoughts of dusting it off and starting again, and here I am. If it sticks; I'm not sure - but I'd like to try. What's happened since 2018? Quite a bit really, in October 2018 I got a promotion at work, that involved a lot of travelling and in May 2019 we bought our first home, finally getting off the rental market. We've done a lot of work on the house - and I might do a post all about that at some point in the future. We've already experienced some of the "bigger" home owner things - like needing a new boiler as well as the smaller things like decorating. We've both been lucky during 2020 as we're able to work from home, and although my job has been busier than ever we've not had to suffer through furlough or redundancies. I've also been much happier to weather this storm in our own home, rather than our last rented place! 2020 also had it's

2017 January Round Up

Yearly Round Up! So it is in fact the start of March– but I’m just getting around to writing my yearly crafty wrap up post. I didn’t really meet many of my goals. My stash is bigger then when I started the year and I didn’t do as much weaving or spinning as I wanted to. That’s fine – sometimes these goals are meant to be aspirational. 2017 did consist of 24 pairs of socks! I think my most favourite are the first pair I made this year in Stylecraft’s Head Over Heels. My Advent TryAngles Socks are a close second. Shawls? I made a few of those too. 7 in fact. Waiting for Rain is my fave – closely followed by Belle Filles; because it used my hand spun! Hats! 4 of those. Now I have longer hair I feel I can wear more hats – without looking like someone who has unfortunately lost it all. The “other” has also been a bit varied this year – 2 pairs of fingerless gloves and a pair of thrummed slippers which were all interesting knits indeed.

Crafty Little Rat - Episode 19

Show Notes FO Frenzy Advent Calendar Shawl                Rosie’s Moments Advent Calendar kit – A Shawl for Jos – Rosemary Davis – 3.5mm needle Lights Camera Action Socks Plain Sock, 64 stitch. V shaped Heel. Cascade Yarns Heritage Prints – 26 Holidays 2.26mm needles Tiger Socks Plain Sock, 64 Stitch, V shaped Heel. Dusted Dreams – Firestorm. 2.25mm needles Fox Point – Laura Aylor Knoll Yarns Kilcarra Tweed – Raphoe, Muff and Gara. 4,5mm needle Brioche Practice Piece 4.5 mm needle – Gara and Raphoe – Very Pink Knits tutorial New Year New Socks Stylecraft Head over heels – 3101 Fuji . 2.25mm needles, 64 stitch sock, Rounder Heel. Waiting for Rainbows Syliva McFadden Owl about Yarn – Sparkle Owl, Aberavon Harbour 175g   4.0mm needle You're Still working on that Hermionie’s Every Day Socks – Erica Lueder Rico Design Superba Cotton Stretch – 005. 72 Stitches Scrappy Blanket 2017 = Knitted P

2016 Round Up!

So a bit late, but better late then never for a round up! 2016 has been a year; there's been a few diamonds in the rough and a few wonderful people who've gotten me through but overall wowza, what a year. Yarn Craft wise,I've used   19,586 Meters in 41 Projects For comparison 2015 was 22,752 meters in 42 projects 2014 was 11,464 meters in 33 projects 2013 was 12,732 meters in 25 projects This year that breaks down as 4 Hats, 17 Pairs of Socks, 14 Shawls and a scarf 4 Blankets 1 Pair of Mittens, I also managed most of a Cardigan. I ended the year with 2 fronts, a back and 1 finished sleeve. It will get finished (at some point) in 2017; and I'll count the yardage for 2017. Hats Konglelua - the second hat on the top row has been my go to hat all of this year. Pretty, soft and warm! The blueberry Waffles hat from Daughter of a Shepherd - bottom right has has some great wear too! Socks  This year I really changed up how I do socks. I started

Thinking about 2017 goals!

I'm currently laid up with what we think is Slapped Cheek. Slapped cheek is a thing that kids get, and my bosses daughter had a case. When it affects adults it shows up as joint pain and swelling and flu like symptoms. Ouch. As a result I can't do much knitting or spinning or crochet. What else can I do but have a think about what my goals for 2017 should be? My goals for 2016 were fairly simple 80/20 Yarn used to yarn bought ratio (We’ll see how this goes!) Finish using 2015’s Wonderwool yarn before 2016’s WW (Faberge, Sunny Days Shawlette, Pink Topaz)  12 pairs of Socks in 2016  So I managed 2 and 3, and the less said about goal 1 the better I suppose. I must have added at least 100 skeins or balls of yarn to the stash this year. To be fair, I did go to Canada (where I bought lots of yarn) and have a fortuitous year with Wonderwool this year. By comparison, I've used up around 60; which really is no mean feat. Proposed Goals!* 1) Yarn Management! I'm st

Crafty Little Rat Podcast - Episode 17!

Look Ma! Shownotes. This week, just to be extra blooming fancy you get a photograph in the middle AND some at the end, with music and transitions! Maybe don't get too used to it, I'm still a bit of a rubbish podcaster! FO Frenzy 1) Flight Of The Owl Shawl - Heather Anderson Midwinter Yarns - Lithuanian Linen in Mouse 155g 762 yards 3.0mm needles Previously shown on the podcast but not when it was blocked. 2) Lightning Strike Hat - Mina Philipp Stylecraft Swift Knit Tweed 3114 Orkney. 180g 112 yards 9.0mm needles 3) Rhys' House Socks - Own Pattern. Stylecraft Special Effects 1802 Foxtrot 90g 269 yards. 3.0mm needles 4) Lolli Shawl - Own Pattern Conway + Bliss Lolli 61010 Slush - 150g 360 yards. 5.0mm needles 5) African Flower Blanket - Own/Heidi Bears/ Cyprus Textiles (half hexi) Stylecraft Special DK - Duckegg 700g 50g of Grass, Pistachio, Mustard, Cypress, Lobelia, Kelly Green, Fuscia, Boysenberry, Empire and Tomato. 5.0mm Hook - 3863 y